Southern Africa Trade Union Co-ordination Council


During the 10th Delegates Congress,which took place at Ocean View Hotel in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania from 25-27 October 2017, a new leadership of SATUCC was elected as follows:

1. President, Ms. Zingiswa Losi (Second deputy President- COSATU)

2. Vice President, Mr. Cosmas Mukuka (Secretary General- ZaCTU), and will also be the Chairperson of the Finance and Administration Committee.

3.Treasurer, Mr. Godfrey Selematsela (President- FEDUSA)

Finance and Administration Committee:

1. Chairperson, Mr. Cosmas Mukuka

2. Member, Mr. Manuel Viage (UNTA)

3. Member, Ms. Gretia Elias (BFTU)

4. Mr. Godfrey Selematsela, SATUCC Treasurer

5. Mr. Austin Muneku, SATUCC Executive  Secretary

Women Committee:

  1. Chairperson, Ms. Lilian Malunga (ZaCTU)
  2. Vice Chairperson,  Ms. Angie Phethle (COSATU)
  3. Secretary, Ms. Brenda Modise (FEDUSA)
  4. Vice Secretary, Ms. Gertrude Chikuta (ZaCTU)

Interim Youth Committee:

  1. Chairperson- Mr. Runesu Chipamaunga (ZiCTU)
  2. Vice Chairperson- Ms. Mwape Mutolilo (FFTUZ)
  3. Secretary- Ms. Priscilla Chete (MCTU)
  4. Vice Secretary- Ms. Lindiwe Ndimande (FEDUSA)
  5. Committee Member- Euclides Timana (CONSILMO)
  6. Technical advisers- Deus Sandram (MCTU) and Michael Mukamba (ZaCTU)
Upcoming Events
all-day 2018 SATUCC Labour Symposium
2018 SATUCC Labour Symposium
May 7 – May 9 all-day
The Southern Africa Trade Union Coordination Council (SATUCC) announces the 2018 Annual Labour Symposium under the theme “Trade Union Strategies in Promoting Industrialization for Decent Work in SADC Region” to be held in Gaborone, Botswana
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