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SATUCC affiliates discuss Illicit Financial Flows from Africa | Southern African Trade Union Co-ordination Council
Southern Africa Trade Union Co-ordination Council

SATUCC affiliates discuss Illicit Financial Flows from Africa
Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

IFF workshop aug for webThe top leadership of Affiliates of SATUCC and representatives of civil society organizations in SADC region met at the Oasis Motel on 11th August 2015 to discuss the Illicit Financial Flows from Africa and Africa’s Transformation and Development.

The meeting reached a consensus that inequality and tax evasion are growing in Africa, while the rich on all continents funnel their wealth into secret bank accounts scattered around the world

During the meeting it was also established that this trend has had devastating ramifications on the economies of Africa and the welfare of the masses through the erosion of the public sector, starving our states of the funds needed for development, and above all driving up deficits for our states’ budgets

The meeting then identified the three key areas of focus within the next 12 months (till next civil society forum):

  1. Unpacking the Mbeki Report on Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) from Africa
  • Popularizing the Mbeki Report to the wider public at regional and national level
  • Appraising the top leadership of SATUCC on the report
  • Linking up the national centres of trade unions to respective national tax justice campaigns which are on-going


  1. Contextual analysis of each country (case studies) in the SADC region with regard to IFF


  1. Knowledge and skills building of core trade union technocrats as Trainers of Trainers on IFF
  • Trade union education manual (s)
  • Trade Union education activities

The meeting further agreed the following to be the immidiate actions:

  1. Building and strengthening of alliances among trade unions and CSOs in the region on IFF;
  2. Establishment of a regional working group on IFF comprising of SATUCC/Action Aid/Afrodad (and others partners) which should be replicated at national level to be coordinated by SATUCC;
  3. Incorporation of SATUCC and affiliates into the email-list on tax justice in Africa;
  4. Strategic linkages between SATUCC (and affiliates) with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UNDP country offices on IFF;
  5. Sharing and circulation of key reports on IFF